Virtual Assistant Ability Model (VAAM)

Virtual Assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant and customer service virtual agents are increasingly permeating the real world. Even though they are getting better every day, they are still far removed from human-like intelligence. Their sophistication and abilities largely depend on the approach and AI techniques used to develop them. VAAM is a new framework, developed by Rulai Institute, for analyzing the AI capabilities underpinning a virtual assistant and linking them to its ability in handling user requests and finishing tasks.

In this free white paper, you'll learn how to define the right AI requirements to meet your business needs, including:

  • Understand 5 levels of automation underpinning virtual assistants
  • Learn the state of the art in conversational AI today
  • Understand the capabilities (and limitations) of virtual assistant deployments
  • How advances in AI will lead to better virtual assistants in the short, medium, and long term.
  • How to perform a self-assessment to ensure your company has the right technology and operational setup to drive successful virtual assistant outcomes

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