2020 Chatbot Predictions

Get future-proofed with our 2020 chatbot predictions!

You've heard of AI and machine learning - but what does this means for chatbots, and how can you best use them in your organization now and in the future?

Rulai's award-winning team has 200 years of combined experience in AI research, published more than 400 papers, and filed 80 patents to date... so we have a pretty good lens on what's coming next.

That's why we've pulled together our top five chatbot predictions for 2020 - and sharing them with you for free.

The five predictions are:

  1. Companies will demand more from their AI
  2. Conversational AI is going voice
  3. Bots are proliferating and what to do about it
  4. Companies will realize that successful bot scaling requires the right operational structure
  5. Bots will increasingly be deployed to help employees, not replace them

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